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Saturday Evening Post April 17, 1954.

"On Sundays in the choir room we roughhoused and shouted and wrestled while donning our cassocks and surplices. The sexton, poking his head around the door, would yell that it was time for us to enter church. Plastering down our cowlicks, pushing, jostling, we'd form two lines. Then, suddenly, we'd grow quiet and, solemn-faced, march into the church." Norman Rockwell, 1960.

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Norman Rockwell Museum Custom Prints is your exclusive source for custom reproductions authorized and available for purchase directly from the Norman Rockwell Museum. All items that are offered are produced using gallery-quality materials and the color is managed in a manner that produces a reproduction as true to the original as modern technology will allow.


Many of the works offered through this store are exclusive and not available anywhere else. We offer all 321 of the iconic works Rockwell created as Saturday Evening Post covers, including many other classic illustrations from his archive.


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